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Welcome to a journey to Know Thyself Happy


Happiness is a difficult jungle to navigate. So from time to time, we seek guides to this jungle in many formats - from spiritual saints to philosophers, scriptures to self-help books, religious sermons to motivational videos. But too often, too many of them either  overpromise or overcomplicate, leading to disappointment.

Fortunately, over the past few decades, scientific investigation (through domains such as positive & evolutionary psychology, contemplative & cognitive neuroscience etc.) has opened a new way through this wellness jungle that is simpler to understand, more practical to adopt and less dependent on individual belief systems.

Through experiential workshops, academic courses and online content, this social initiative is designed to help individuals & institutions (schools, colleges & firms), discover & experience the meaning & means to mental health and happiness.

"Underneath all our biases, there's an answer waiting to be discovered "  


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Mindfulness is among the few scientifically accepted mental health interventions. Under this theme, we help participants initiate mindful living! 

Emotional Intelligence accounts for 50% variance in happiness. We help participants move from theory to everyday practices, to build this trait.  

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Goals & Purpose Building is an important foundation of well-being. Here, we help individuals chart their career pathways in line with their intrinsic motivations.


Indian Ethos & Ethics is an academic course that deals with scientific investigation of secular spiritual ideas pertaining to happiness. (for colleges) 



Experiential Workshops

Customized workshops delivered across corporate, colleges and schools ranging from 2 hours to multiple weeks

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Programs (and Courses)

Online programs and course electives in colleges (under-grad and post-grad) to build emotional well-being 

Teacher Resources

Online Resources

A collection of videos, short blogs and quotes to seed participants with new thoughts 


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"The instructor's course delivery was too calm and composed. Sessions were well planned in advance and dictated according to the topic in point."

"Your session showed us the way of dealing with the current work pressure. After such long time attended a relaxed, motivational and memorable session."

"Informative and interactive, I loved the activities and commend your sense of humour. I wish this session continued for some more time."

Student, I.I.M. Ahmedabad

"The course experience was great. This course should be introduced as a 10-session non-credit course in Term 1 or Term 2 of the curriculum."

Primary Incharge, Delhi Govt. School

"Worth Attending. We can now understand others' problems and understand them in a better way."

Research Scholar, VIT Chennai

“Full day session must be done. Please start training sessions for spouse also.”

Student, Institute of Rural Management Anand

Teacher, Maharaja Agarsain Public School

Employee, NTPC Dadri

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