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Holding Plant
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Your contribution supports our work and makes it possible to reach a wider audience. It is our endeavor to not let money become a 'happiness barrier' for anyone. So, contributions make these programs more accessible to everyone no matter what their financial capacity. Contributions cover the costs of website hosting & maintenance, zoom subscriptions etc. and help us invest greater time & resources towards the creation of newer assets.

Please don't contribute if you can't afford to. And if you do contribute, the feeling of love & generosity you embody for our fellow beings is much more valuable than the actual amount.  Whatever you contribute is received with much gratitude!

Some of our longer programs require participants to submit a security deposit. This is a fully refundable deposit collected closer to the orientation sessions and returned once the program ends. It ensures participants attend every session and fully tend to all program elements. Since many of the programs rely on collective learning, this amount ensures maximization of learning for both the individual and the group.

Please note if you miss any of the compulsory sessions (without providing a valid reason in advance), the full amount may have to be forfeited basis the discretion of the program coordinator. Also, in case there is a transaction fee charged by your bank/service provider while making the deposit, the same will have to be borne from your end. 


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