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The Vision

Covid-19 has changed things, in more bad ways than good. But it has also come as a reality-check by exposing so many cracks in different aspects of our lives. While, this has certainly led to a lot of pain, chaos and confusion, it has also come as an opportunity to step back and understand ourselves & our priorities better. And most importantly, re-evaluate where our happiness lies. 

This initiative's vision is to help make the 'question of happiness' central to everyone's life. And exploring it to perhaps realize that success and happiness do go together.   

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"The fainter the smile, the deeper the happiness"  

The Initiative

Know Thyself Happy is a social initiative intended to bring forth 'the essence of happiness' for everyone in a secular way. While it does provide a source of livelihood for its founder, it doesn't have a profit motive at its core.

In that regard, almost all our initiatives run on 'Contribute what you want' so as to ensure that capacity to pay doesn't become a barrier to happiness. 


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The Founder

Just like you, Shishir is exploring happiness. Professionally, after graduating from IIT Roorkee and IIM Ahmedabad, he spent 2.5 years in strategy consulting at Monitor Deloitte where, despite the exhilarating work, he didn't feel at ease. Post that he worked with a non-profit, tried stand-up comedy and eventually stumbled upon experiences & books that made him curious about happiness. 

Shishir is a Vipassana Meditator, a certified-mindfulness instructor and has served as a visiting & guest faculty in multiple B-schools of India to discuss topics of well-being.   

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