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Flagship Program


and Happiness 

6-Week Live online program that brings together science & mindfulness practices to build emotional intelligence & happiness

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Discovering Purpose
and Happiness 

4-Week Live online program for graduates of the 'Mindfulness and Happiness program' to help them live a life aligned to who they are

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Indian Ethos
and Happiness

21-day experiential program based on scientific investigation of spiritual texts to assimilate principles of well-being


Money Commitment


Contribute what you feel after program ends  (A refundable security deposit of INR 7500 is collected upfront in some circumstances to ensure time commitments are respected) 

Time Commitment


One 2-hour weekend session plus 30 minutes live weekday practice for 6 weeks.  (A brief orientation session  is  conducted  separately )

Batch Size 


Not more than 15 participants (and 1 certified Mindfulness instructor). The program revolves a lot around group learning, hence the high importance to the time commitments

Program Effectiveness


Happiness and Emotional Quotient Scores improved by 7 and 10 percentage points respectively pre and post program (On average, for previous participants measured on  scientific scales) 


For College Students
Girls Studying
  1. Enhanced Mindfulness improved emotional regulation and thought control (MacDonald & Baxter, 2016)

  2. Mindfulness increased grey matter  in learning and memory centres (Hölzel, Carmody, Vangel, Congleton, Yerramsetti, Gard, & Lazar, 2011).

  3. A course conducted at a leading B-School in India showed statistically significant increase in happiness & emotional intelligence post a 4 week course (measured on standard scales)

For Working Professionals
  1. Enhanced Mindfulness improved emotional regulation and thought control (MacDonald & Baxter, 2016)

  2. Mindfulness increased grey matter  in learning and memory centres (Hölzel, Carmody, Vangel, Congleton, Yerramsetti, Gard, & Lazar, 2011).

  3. A course conducted at a leading B-School in India showed statistically significant increase in happiness & emotional intelligence post a 4 week course (measured on standard scales)

Business Introduction
  1. Employees participating in mindfulness interventions experienced lower work- related stress, greater job satisfaction, and enhanced job performance (Shonin, Van Gordon, Dunn, Singh, Griffiths, 2014)

  2. Mindfulness in service industry improves performance controlling for workers’ engagement level (Dane & Brummel, 2014)

  3. Mindfulness reduces stress and fatigue especially for employees struggling with mental health (Huang, Li, Huang, Tang, 2015)

For Everyone
Cheering Crowd
  1. Mindfulness improves emotion regulation, leading to a better mood and better ability to handle stress (Remmers, Topolinski, & Koole, 2016)

  2. Multiple studies on effects of a 10-minute mindfulness exercise showed that even just a few minutes of mindfulness practice can lead to better executive attention and recognition memory, leading to better performance on a simple task (Watier & Dubois, 2016).


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  • What will this course help me achieve?
    We shall move beyond theoretical knowledge of happiness to the experiential learning of practices that can help us become happier. Through the 6-weeks we will bring together the science and experiences that build greater well-being on the foundations of developing Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence. Given the scientific evidence supporting these foundations, we are certain that if you ensure full commitment to the sessions, you will start experiencing greater everyday peace.
  • Is there any spiritual or religious aspect attached to this course?
    The short answer is 'no'. While the practice of Mindfulness does have some roots in Eastern religion, through this course we'll be taking a purely scientific journey founded on scientific findings and experiential aspects.
  • What scientific and experiential aspects are involved in this program?
    We will understand mindfulness from a scientific lens and how it helps build emotional intelligence and greater well-being. We will explore mindfulness practices such as mindful eating, body scan, sitting meditation, journaling, mindful movement and mindful yoga during the six weeks. We will also introduce mindfulness practices that you can incorporate into your daily routines. We will deepen our understanding of the functioning of the human brain, establishing a firm understanding of how we can influence our moods and reduce ruminative thinking. Towards the end of the course, we will work on establishing a personalized plan towards achieving your life goals. These include stress reduction, boosting productivity & resilience, managing interpersonal communication amongst others.
  • Is this course an abridged version of the scientifically validated 8-week MBSR course?
    While, there are many elements that are similar to the standard 8-week MBSR course, this course has been customized to suit the requirements of the broader audience.
  • What do I need to get with me for the course?
    All you need is a laptop with camera facility, internet connection and a small notebook which you could use for journaling purpose. In addition, it'll help to find a nice, comfortable and peaceful space which you can use for the sessions. Some practices may require movement, so it would help to keep in mind that you have some open space wherever you may decide to station yourself.
  • Do I need prior experience with meditation or mindfulness to be eligible for this program?
  • How many sessions on weekdays and weekend can I miss?
    For the sake of individual progress and group learning, we highly recommend not to miss any session(s). However, in case of personal exigencies, we do allow rare exceptions in case of valid reasons. Please, however, do not use this flexibility unless absolutely necessary.
  • Does registering for the program guarantee me a seat?
    While we do give some preference to people who register earlier, since we limit our batch size to 15, it's possible that you're put on waitlist and become a part of this journey in future programs.
  • Is the program offered on first-come-first-served basis?
    While there is some weightage given to earlier entries, that's not the sole criteria for assembling the batch.
  • Will my details be shared with anyone?
    The short answer is 'no'. Other than the teaching instructors, nobody will have access to your details without your permission. Having said that, the program will have an option to join a WhatsApp group which we would highly recommend (for ease of communications and learning from each other).
  • Is there any other process/commitments before the orientiation session?
    Once you register your interest, we will send you a small intake form to learn more about you, following which we might have a tech-session of 10 minutes or so, to ensure that you're technologically sorted for the journey. Don't worry, all of this willl be completely flexible to your convenience and availability.
  • When would you be organizing the next 6-week program?
    Tentatively, we plan to start our next batch in late April 2023. Although owing to internal restructuring it is possible that the dates get pushed to a little later.
  • What is the security deposit amount?
    For Non-Working Participants - INR 5000/- (all inclusive) For Working Participants - INR 7500/- (all inclusive)
  • Why is there a security deposit requirement?
    The security deposit is a fully refundable deposit collected closer to the orientation session. It ensures your attendance in every session so that you do not miss any of the elements of the six-week sequence and the group's learning isn't affected. It will be refunded in full at the end of the course. However, if you miss any of the compulsory sessions (without providing a valid reason in advance), the full amount may have to be forfeited. NOTE: In case there is a transaction fee charged by your bank/service provider, the same will have to be borne from your end
  • Why don't you charge a fee?
    Know Thyself Happy is a social initiative intended to reach and help people across all walks of life. We recognize that a lot of such courses are usually too expensive, making happiness affordable only to the rich. That being said, if you find the course helpful and can afford it, you may choose to contribute via the website to help this initiative expand & reach more people. This contribution, however, is a completely voluntary act of generosity and kindness. :)


Rock Balancing
  • Orientation                         Course Overview and Logistics 

  • Session - 1                           Automatic Pilot and Mindfulness

  • Session - 2                           Bringing Greater Mindfulness to Daily Life

  • Session - 3                           Stress Management

  • Session - 4                           Reacting v/s Responding

  • Session - 5                           Self-Compassion and Emotional Intelligence

  • Session - 6                           Creating Our Own Happiness Practice  

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