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During the lockdown, I was seeing people joining some course or the other and flaunting their certificates on LinkedIn. I was not into this rut...I wanted to do a course that would be unique, effective and enriching in a real sense. I came across a completely different world of Mindfulness practices and have learnt to control my mind. I am content and happy that I joined "Mindfulness and Happiness" by Know Thyself Happy.

Priyanka Premapuri

Executive, IIM Ahmedabad

Sanchit Jain

Manager, McKinsey & Co.

Brilliant program which uses powerful combination of theory, surveys, action-plans in a safe space but very interactive setting. It feels like the program is tailored for myself as there is so much to discover about oneself across the sessions. Highly recommend it to everyone!

Sanchit Jain.jpg
Shifa Garg.jpg

Shifa Garg

Associate, Goldman Sachs

We often talk about serendipity and I guess that's how I got started on this mindfulness journey. This was the first "community" activity that I was involved in, since the onset of the pandemic and I am truly grateful that I did. I cannot recall a single session when I did not come out of the same smiling/feeling happy and that's the power of this community that is being built here. I think this is one of the best investments of my time that I made in a long long time and I shall forever cherish it! 

Parakh Bansal

Product Manager, Juspay

Before I begin I would like to thank you for introducing me to the world of mindfulness. It is something I never realized existed and was so important for self love. You guys taught me self love and taught me to meditate with love & kindness. I also learned the importance of kindness. You guys have brought me to the starting point of this journey and given me the intent & weaponry to take this forward. 

Parakh Bansal - Product Manager, JUSPAY.jpg

One of the most memorable experiences of my life. Being able to control my mind and learn the WHYs & HOWs of meditation were some of my most important takeaways. Not to mention, the conceptual explanations were any eye opener most of the times.

Nitika Agrawal

AVP, TATA Capital

Nitika - AVP TATA Capital.jpg

Siddhesh Salkar

Manager, ICICI Bank

The program was a life changing experience. It helped me exercise mindfulness in everyday life. I highly recommend this program to youngsters to help them live a happy and purposeful life.

Siddhesh - Manager, TATA Capital.jpg

Gaurav Kumar

Senior PM, Thoucentric

These were the most amazing sessions I have attended. I have been fan of the course teacher (friend :) ) since long, and the way he has researched on the subject from numerous sources, practiced it himself, and then delivered this cumulative offering derived from his learnings and experiences is so mind blowing. Shishir does complete justice to the program by making each and every session and practice very logical and rational.

Gaurav Kumar - Senior PM, Thoucentric.jpg

Rahul Sheel

Vehicle Designer, TOYOTA

A well deserved joyful retreat to the mind, emphasized a method for continuous improvement of self and respect for others from the heart, recommended for all! 

Rahul Sheel.jpg

Subodh Kadam

Manager, Godrej & Boyce

Thanks Shishir for introducing me to Mindfulness! :) It was truly an enriching experience for me. You have been an amazing instructor with lot of compassion and unparalleled patience. The kind of knowledge you brought in each session has been really helpful. I will continue this journey which we all have started to be more mindful in our daily life. :)  

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